Protein and Weight Loss – Secrets to making it Work

by Frank Carrannante

Protein and Weight LossMany people are mistaken to think that consumption of proteins and weight loss are two things that cannot be merged. Actually protein and weight loss have a lot in common. It is very easy to combine protein and weight loss and get effective results in losing weight. In this article we look at how proteins and weight loss can be combined to get more effective weight loss results.

Each food component plays different important roles in sustaining the body to function in the proper way. Macronutrients are important in sustaining lives and micronutrients are essential in providing a health living. Protein and weight loss can go hand in hand. Many people who use dietary proteins use protein shakes and weight loss techniques to have the required amounts of protein in the body.

How protein consumption induces weight loss

There are several ways that both protein and weight loss can come into play. One of the most common protein and weight loss comes into play is by producing insulin. Insulin performs various functions that are essential in sustaining life. Some of the functions that insulin performs include cholesterol synthesis, regulation of water retained in the kidneys, control appetite and control the levels of fat stored. Consumption of proteins will produce moderate amounts of insulin as well as the glucagon hormone. The insulin produced by proteins means, protein and weight loss is something that is possible. Glucagon stimulates the body to remove excessive fats by burning the fats to energy, lowers cholesterol levels, activates the kidney to get rid of fluids and salt and helps the body to maintain the levels of blood sugars.

Consuming the right amount of protein will enhance the metabolic rate, which in turn will reduce the amount of fats stored in a body thus influencing loss of weight. Proper intake of quality proteins will also improve muscle sustainability during weight loss, improve immunity, antioxidant function, muscle fitness, and promote leptin and insulin function. This indication that protein and weight loss is very possible if and when one understands what the high quality proteins to take and how to take them.

Many people believe that the only way protein and weight loss can be merged together is by avoiding consumption of proteins. But in as much as you may be tempted to do this, and in as much as a number of diets and weight loss programs will suggest this, you need protein as much (and more) as you need other food components. The body needs all food nutrients and therefore, merging proteins and weight loss does not have to do with avoiding proteins completely. Lowering the intake of protein largely will lead to your body slowly withering away thus reducing health. Good quality proteins taken in the right amount can help boost weight loss by stimulating the metabolism rates to burn calories and convert to more healthier and usable forms of energy.

How to make proteins and weight loss work

The recommended quantity of quality of protein is about 100 grams for women and about 150 grams per serving for men. The only secret to losing weight by eating proteins is to eat quality proteins, in the right amounts and from different protein sources like plants, fish, and limited animal sourced protein. The secret here in merging proteins and weight loss, is for one to eat quality proteins in the right quantity spelled by your body weight and level of physical activity. To achieve weight loss by merging proteins and weight loss programs, you should know how to balance the high protein diets and weight loss.

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