Shaklee GetClean Natural Cleaning Products – Great For Your Home And your Wallet

by Frank Carrannante

Shaklee Cleaning ProductsShaklee Cleaning Products are healthier and safer cleaning products in the marketplace therefore, great for your home and your wallet. Shaklee produces a botanical line of home cleaning products that is safe, very effective, and always green. The use of non-toxic ingredients helps the consumer make a choice to have highest quality products which are safe for the environment and human beings, in their home. Shaklee Cleaning Products are free from harsh chemicals and deliver the best cleaning results because they are produced by experts who understand how to combine product performance, safety and consumer concerns for efficient cleaning at low cost, into an efficient line of biodegradable products. Many people with allergies and asthma often avoid the use of cleaning products for fear of adverse skin reactions, and or breathing difficulties. However, Shaklee offers a solution; a line of hypoallergenic Shaklee Cleaning Products which can be used comfortably without any reaction. This multi-talented set of exceptionally safe cleaners helps you to live in your own home, a clean environment, free of toxins and chemical compounds. This writer has over 30 years of satisfaction using Shaklee’s line of safe, biodegradable, non-toxic cleaners.

Pioneered in 1960, Shaklee cleaning products contain no harmful fumes, phthalates, or bisphenol-A, and because of its biodegradability, it was the choice for Jacque Cousteau and the Cousteau Society’s sailing vessels for over thirty years.

Performance of Shaklee Cleaning Products

Shaklee Cleaning Products are the best products to consider for a sparkling clean house. The products stand out as best performers because of effective ingredients used to make them. Shaklee GetClean out performs over 20 national brands, and if environmental consideration is a factor for you, read on. Pioneering a movement to make the world a better place, and understanding that optimal health must include Nature, Shaklee committed to making both safe, and effective products. It makes your home environment and planet a better place to live since they are free of harmful nitrates, borates and phosphates. The ingredients are biodegradable and concentrated. Less water means less packaging, less weight and less cost. You supply the water, save thousands of dollars on conventional cleaners to get the same amount of clean. Make a Difference, 100% guaranteed.

Shaklee Cleaning Products – The Best Packaging

Shaklee produces high quality cleaning products and packages them using recyclable containers. Dryer sheets and wipes are recyclable and biodegrade soon after use. Innovative and veggie based, Soft Fabric Dryer Sheets are some of the best use of packaging in the Shaklee Cleaning Products. This attention to detail makes them exclusive green cleaners and thus great for you and the environment, and they cut down on waste product disposal. The internal packaging and the packages themselves are both recyclable. In fact, Shaklee was the first company in the world to obtain the Climate Neutral certification, and has also received the Environmental Protection Agencys’ Climate Protection Award.

Shaklee Cleaning Products – The Best Safety

Over 350 tests are performed on every raw ingredient to eliminate harmful contaminants. Over 80,000 quality tests are also performed annually to verify purity and potency of various products.
GetClean products are efficient and easy to use for your cleaning needs. What’s more, they play a crucial role in keeping your home and environment safe to live in both for humans and pets. Most people are sensitive to chlorine bleach, and Shaklee takes care of your health concerns because all their products are free of chlorine bleach. In fact, no need for gloves, masks, and no worries about safety when cleaning kitchens, bathrooms and ovens. Research shows that homes using Shaklee Cleaning Products are healthier homes because of safe cleaners that offer noticeable results. Children can help clean the house in your absence with Shaklee Cleaning Products. In the USA, accidental poisonings account for a high percentage of hospitalization and even death in children. Preventing children from accessing chemical cleaners has always been limited at best. But with Shaklee GetClean home safe cleaners your children are always safe. Shaklee is the best way in which you can always keep your home clean and safe, when compared to other brands in the marketplace.

Shaklee Cleaning Products are great for your home, your health, and your wallet. Homeowners can test them out and Shaklee guarantees a full refund of your cash in case you aren’t satisfied with the performance. Therefore, Shaklee Cleaning Products offer homeowners a great way to experience environmentally safe and affordable cleaning products. The savvy consumer does not have to make choices between cleanliness and safety, Shaklee Cleaning Products offers both.

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