Don Plumley
Financial Representative
Northwestern Mutual Life Ins

“The Shaklee Vitalizer multivitamin pack gives me the energy and stamina day in and day out. I can really feel the difference, and would never ever consider being without it.”

Dr Adam Harris
Owner, Chiropractic Concepts

“I would like to take a moment and speak of the great products that Shaklee has produced. The Shaklee VitaLea Multivitamin/Multimineral supplement is the most potent product in the marketplace. I didn’t feel much different with other vitamins I have used. But Shaklee helps me feel so much better and with lots more energy. I learned from Frank that Shaklee pioneered organic cleaners back in 1960. A single bottle of concentrated Basic-H has saved my business a lot of money over store bought cleaners, and protects the environment at the same time. Top to bottom, Shaklee’s cleaners leave my practice clean without chemical smells. My patients comment on how fresh my office seems. Thank you Shaklee for helping me provide a safe, clean environment for my patients.”

Isidro Gonzales
Owner, Old Santa Fe Restaurant

“I am on my feet twelve hours a day in the restaurant and needed a lot more energy and not feel worn out. The Shaklee Vitalizer gives me all the energy I need day after day. I even get it for one of my employees who is much more alert and doesn’t get sick.”

Jan Fonda
PrePaid Legal Representative

“I have been using Shaklee products since high school when I drank their protein shakes to help with recovery in competitive swimming. I saw such a difference that I went on to use their other nutritional products and continue to use them today. I wouldn’t think of going without Nutriferon for an immunity boost since I just came through another winter without a cold or the flu.

I also use the Enfuselle skin care line and know that my skin has never looked better … and I’ve tried a lot of other lines without success.

The Shaklee cleaning products have also been a part of my household routine. Once you find out how nice it is to use chemical- free products, you never want to go back to the store bought cleaners. I’m a Shaklee fan for life.”

Rick Skinner
Certified Public Accountant

“Jody and I can’t afford to be sick. I trust Shaklee to give me safe and powerful supplements. It costs our family a lot less to have the Shaklee nutrition on hand than to pay doctor bills.

We have Shaklee at home, plus I keep an additional supply at the office.”

Pat Gallinger
Executive Director of Springwood Campus
Springwood Retirement Community

“Our housekeeping department has used Shaklee’s cleaning products especially Basic-H since our buildings opened up in 1986. The housekeepers especially like the At-Ease because it not only removes all the dirt, but it doesn’t scratch the surfaces. [now called Scour Off Heavy Duty Paste for ovens, grills, etc]

We have used Shaklee’s Airsource units in our dining rooms, activity rooms and common areas since 2001 and during that period we have had minimal cases of flu. I highly recommend it for every retirement community and nursing home.”

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