The Connection Between Protein And Weight Loss

by Frank Carrannante

Four Reasons Why Protein And Weight Loss Work Together To Help You Lose Weight In A Healthy Way


There is a close correlation between protein and weight loss. Many people cut their carbs but neglect to increase their protein, which is a big mistake.

Here are four benefits of  high protein and weight loss.


Satiety or fullness – When you eat more protein and less carbs you have lower blood sugar levels. As a result, you tend to feel fuller for longer time periods with reduced appetite craving. This is one reason protein and weight loss go hand in hand.


Increased metabolic rate – Your metabolic rate increases after every meal due to what is called the “thermic effect” of the food you eat. Depending on what nutrients you consume your body will burn a varying amount of calories. When you eat protein you tend to burn more calories than when digesting carbohydrates or fats.


Reduced lean muscle loss – As your body is being supplied with more protein and the essential amino acids it is much more inclined to increase and retain muscles mass. More lean muscle is good for helping to maintain a higher metabolic rate so you body burns more calories. Just another reason protein and weight loss synergize together.


Reduced fat storage. -By eating protein more of the hormone Glucagon is produced. Glucagon is a counterbalancing hormone to insulin so by raising the presence of this hormone the level of insulin decreases. A lesser amount of insulin in our body means the probability carbohydrates being stored as fat is reduced.


Further Proof That Protein And Weight Loss Are Closely Related

It must be noted that these points are only significant for weight loss if our body is in a regular calorie deficit through eating less and exercising more. Having more protein in our diet just makes this state easier to achieve.

If Your Focus is Weight Loss, Here Is What You Should Do: 
Your body weight is controlled by your calorie intake, not protein. If you consume a calorific deficit for long enough you will lose weight because you will be using more energy than you are taking in. But, starving yourself slows down your metabolism, leaves you feeling tired and lethargic and also sets off a trigger for your body to go into starvation mode and hold on to as much of your long term energy stores (fat) as possible. This is not good, because even if you can stick to a very low calorie diet and lose weight, you will feel rough and you will end up with a ‘skinny fat’ appearance.

Protein And Weight Loss – The Carb Connection

Now it has become a trend that we all are trying to switch on to low carb diet. It occurs mainly due to the fact that high protein diet actually enhances weight loss. A recent British study confirmed that there is a strong correlation between diet high in protein and weight loss. The study also said that the diet high in protein triggers in releasing hormone that influences weight loss – therefore proving protein and weight loss go hand in hand.


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