Ultimate Sports Nutrition – Advice For Peak Performance

by Frank Carrannante

Ultimate Sports NutritionSports people require a lot of energy and alertness in order to perform well – that is where ultimate sports nutrition comes in. Both the weekend athlete and the professionals need to have consistent energy and hydration products during their workouts so that their bodies can have adequate nutritional support. It is advisable for every sports person to have three meals and additional snacks a day because it helps limit the roller coaster effect of energy when skipping meals. It can be very risky for you to try to overwork your body without having enough energy. This calls for a lot of attention to the ultimate sports nutrition instructions available in books, Internet articles, magazines, and so on. Your instructor might also advise you on the kind of nutrition you should have to make sure that what you eat does not interfere with your sports. This article provides you with some tips on how to succeed in sports by having the ultimate sports nutrition.

Sports people such as athletes use a lot of energy that comes from the burnt calories in the body. Likewise, football players can burn 9,000 gm of calories; five times more than what a normal person can eat in a day. Will Steger, a real world arctic explorer, consumes 13,000 calories a day during treks. In order to strike a balance between the energy used and energy supplied in the body, they have to have the best sports supplements. They have to be safe. This writer does not endorse the use of sports illegal supplements, or supplements known to have dangerous or questionable substances.

Food supplements come from the type of food people eat. Most athletes opt to add supplementation to the foods they eat. The best nutrition during mealtime can be difficult at times due to commercial crops being grown in depleted soils. Athletes know that food supplements to fill in the nutritional gaps are important, and the addition of sports nutritional supplements can help an athlete to perform at the highest levels. One such company is Shaklee Corporation. Shaklee Sports Nutrition Products have fueled seven of the Top 25 Adventures of All Time as indicated by Time/Life books. As the nutritional consultant to the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Team since 1980, Shaklee athletes have received 100 Olympic medals in winter and summer games. The Shaklee Performance drink, a natural customized hydration drink was formulated for the Daedelus project; a man-powered airplane across the Aegean Sea.
Physique, an intelligent release protein blend designed for rapid muscle recovery and strength was formulated for the Will Steger Expedition Team.

These supplements are normally taken in portions for more than four times in between workouts. By taking supplements, you enhance the right protein synthesis in your body that is normally caused by regular workouts. It’s important to realize that you don’t build muscle during the workout or sports activity. You rebuild and build additional muscle during the resting state. What you eat before and after the game really matters because it determines how long you will continue participating at high performance levels. If you ignore the ultimate sports nutrition advise you receive, you may end up hurting your body, and that may end a satisfying endeavor, or even a career.

Runners should take care of their diets be cause they not only tend to use a lot of energy, the continuous shock impact with each step can have a debilitating effect on the structure. Runners should seek not only nutritional and hydration products, but safe, natural supplements to help support ligament and muscle structure. It is also important to plan their diets (sports supplementation) during the workouts and training sessions because it also consumes a great portion of their calories.

Generally, an athlete should have a good breakfast just before the morning workout. This however doesn’t mean that they should consume huge portions of food; rather, it means something as simple as a protein drink, fruit and a serving of fiber. Note that any breakfast or other meal should be taken one hour before the workout. Hydration before, during, and after workouts and sports is critically important. Obtain my e-book report on diet for more information on hydration. Nutrition in sports should be given the utmost consideration because it helps the sports people maximize their talents as well as become strong enough to endure the pressure that stems from the workouts. Every sport has a specific type of nutritional need because different types of sports require different amounts of energy, accuracy and allertness. It is not too late to start following the elite sports nutrition advise you get from your instructor, coach, doctor or nutritionist. You will be amazed at how best you can perform under the new ultimate sports nutrition plan.

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