Listen to what visionary owner and CEO Roger Barnett has to say about Shaklee, what we’ve accomplished, his mission, and his passion for doing well by doing good.


Yo-Yo dieting isn’t fun, or healthy. Experience Shaklee’s nutritional expertise for over 50 years with the Cinch Inch Loss program. Guaranteed results.


Aging is a complex process that affects every molecule, cell, organ and body function. Vivix positively impacts the four key mechanisms of aging. See what Vivix can do for you.


Vitalizer’s 80 bio-optimized nutrients, and 12 patented delivery systems insure key vitamins and minerals arrive in your bloodstream and nourish your cells.


Why do we age? Unlocking the Secrets of Biological Aging and Focusing on How Cells Age and How It Impacts Function, Reproduction and Lifespan.

Vitality. It’s a science. Experience better immune function, better sleep, and better energy during the day, and health benefits you will appreciate in years to come.

Kent Bostick. Olympic Track & Road Bicyclist talks about his experiences with Shaklee Sports Nutrition.

Candid discussion with CEO – Owner Roger Barnett on what is Shaklee and why did he want to purchase it.

Water is life’s best health drink. Learn why this critical nutrient is so important, and what you can do about it.

Safe Clean. Powerful Clean. Green Clean. Smart Clean. Simple steps for a healthier life and a cleaner planet.

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